Common Purslane, Portulaca oleracea

Portulaca oleracea is a low-growing plant with succulent leaves. This annual grows quickly to produce a mat of tart-flavored edible leaves. Because of its fast growth, prolific seed production, and ability to survive in all types of soils, most people think of it as a pest, but some consider it a vegetable. To learn more about this edible weed, read this article…

Tomato Pruning

Tomatoes are a popular vegetable that many people grow in their home gardens. Pruning tomatoes can create stronger and healthier plants that will grow larger numbers of higher quality tomato fruits later into the growing season.

Landscaping In Spite of Black Walnuts

Black walnut trees can have a dramatic, negative affect on certain plants. To learn more about juglone toxicity and which plants are suceptible, read this article…

Tobacco Mosaic

Tobacco mosaic causing a blotchy light and dark coloring (mosaic) of tobacco leaves. Tobacco mosaic causing a blotchy light and dark coloring (mosaic) of tobacco leaves.

Verticillium Wilt of Vegetables

This factsheet covers Verticillium wilt, a typically fatal disease that affects a wide range of vegetable crops and other plants. Symptoms include sudden yellowing of foliage.

Bacterial Wilt of Cucurbits

Bacterial wilt is a common and destructive disease that affects cucurbits, including crops such as melon, cucumber and, to a lesser extent, squash and pumpkin. Learn more in this factsheet.

Tomato Spotted Wilt of Potato

Tomato spotted wilt is a viral disease of worldwide distribution that can affect a wide range of vegetables, fruits, field crops, and ornamentals, and even weeds! Learn more here.

Home-Grown Tomatoes for Wisconsin

Tomatoes are one of the most nutritionally rich of all vegetables, and grown easily in the home garden. Here’s how to get started and care for tomatoes from planting to harvest.

Mulches for Home Gardens and Plantings

Boost your garden’s production with mulches. This publication shows when to use organic mulches, like bark or leaves, and synthetic mulches, like plastic sheets, and teaches how to apply them.

Squash Bug

Squash bugs cause damage to vine crops, especially pumpkins and squash, in both home gardens and commercial fields. Learn about their life cycle, damage, and management in this factsheet.

Squash Vine Borer

Squash vine borer is an annual pest of pumpkins and squash, and can cause major losses in home gardens. Learn about the life cycle and management of this pest in this factsheet.

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