Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course

Feb 7, 14, 21  & 28 – 2024 (1 to 3.30 P.M)

Dane, Kenosha/Racine, and Waukesha County Extension

The Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course is for landscape professionals to learn up-to-date science-based information to help you increase the economic and environmental sustainability of landscapes you care for and your business.

Program Info: (CEUs for ISA & NALP will be available)

Wednesday, February 7

1:00 p.m.Crown Restoration Pruning of Storm Damaged Trees; Jake Miesbauer, Ph.D., Arboriculture Scientist, The Morton Arboretum
Storm damage is a common issue faced by urban tree managers. Sometimes trees are severely damaged and need to be removed. Many more, however, receive moderate levels of damage and can be saved. This presentation will cover the process of managing trees that have been damaged in storms, from first response after the storm, through the crown restoration process. 

2:15 p.m.— Insect to Watch for in 2024; PJ Liesch, Entomologist, UW-Madison Extension
This webinar will focus on important landscape insects to have on your radar for 2024, such as spongy moth, two lined chestnut borer, spotted lanternfly, and more.

Wednesday, February 14

1:00 p.m. Planting for Resilience: trees and shrubs for the futureDr. Laura Jull, Associate professor, UW-Madison 
With the changing climate, Green Industry professionals will need to make key decisions on what plants to grow and install in landscapes. Our usual plant choices may not be the best ones for our future environment due to climate change. Dr. Jull will discuss both native and exotic trees and shrubs that are heat, drought and sometimes flood tolerant. She will discuss planting the right plant for the location and plants for season-long interest that are lower maintenance

2:15 p.m. Low Developing the Next Landscape Staple Perennials; Josh Roggenbuck, Regional Product Manager, Walters Garden
How perennial plants are developed, and which improved varieties replace the old staples

Wednesday, February 21
1:00 p.m.Bee Lawns: practical applications for industry professionals; Kristine Moncada, Researcher, University of Minnesota, Department of Horticultural Science – Turfgrass Science
Bee lawns are a great way to help pollinators. Learn about their establishment, long-term maintenance, and common issues. We will also discuss the specific needs of clients with bee lawns.

2:15 p.m. Disease or Not Disease? That’s the Question; Dr. Brian Hudelson, Director, Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic, UW-Madison Extension
Plants can exhibit a wide range of symptoms due to diseases, insect pests, and environmental stresses.  This talk with focus on different kinds of symptoms (e.g., leaf necrosis, branch dieback, plant death) and how these symptoms might (or might not) vary depending upon the underlying cause. This presentation will also provide pointers on what additional symptoms to look for in order to get a better handle on the underlying cause(s) of plant health issues.

Wednesday, February 28 

1:00 p.m. Turf vs. Drought: The Epic Throwdown; Dr. Doug Soldat, Professor, UW-Madison 
The summer of 2023 brought drought conditions to most of the state. Lawns were pummeled, but mostly recovered and are in training for the re-match. In this talk, you’ll learn how to help lawns be more resilient to drought and how to recover drought-damaged areas.

2:15 p.m. The Benefits of Growth Regulators (PGR’s) for Trees and Shrubs; Lee Fredericks, Western Great Lakes Territory Manager, Rainbow Ecoscience 
Reducing labor through the utilization of plant growth regulators may be just the option you company has been searching for. This presentation will address the many benefits PGR’s can provide plants and companies alike.  All the following will be discussed during this presentation:

  • Application Implications and BMP’s
  • Discovery of all Primary and Secondary benefits
  • Property Aesthetics -that can directly impact renewals. 
  • Time and Labor Savings

Short Course via zoom 
To provide the quality education that you expect, while being mindful of the safety of our participants, we are providing the Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course online via Zoom. The class will only be available during the live presentation on the specified date and time. It will NOT be available to view later. An email will be sent the day before the class to registered participants with their personal link to access that specific Zoom session. This requires a unique email address for EACH registrant.

Registration (opens on January 3rd, 2024) 
The registration fee for all four sessions is $60. Single sessions are $25 per session. Choose anyone of the following County Extension site link to register for this program:

Dane County Extension

Kenosha/Racine County Extension

Waukesha County Extension

Sponsorship: The 2024 Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course Program is sponsored in part by the Wisconsin Nursery and landscape Association.

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