Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course

Feb 2, 9, 16  & 23rd – 2022 (1 to 3.30 P.M)

Dane, Kenosha/Racine, Sheboygan and Waukesha County Extension

The Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course is for landscape professionals to learn up-to-date science-based information to help you increase the economic and environmental sustainability of landscapes you care for and your business.

Program Info: (CEUs for ISA & NALP will be available)

Wednesday, February 2nd

1:00 p.m.—Cankers and Vascular Wilts of Landscape Trees:

Cankers and vascular wilts can be difficult to identify and treat. Learn more about these diseases and how to manage them in trees and shrubs. Dr. Brian Hudelson, Director, Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic, UW-Madison Extension

Download PDF Handout – Brian Hudelson

2:15 p.m.—Drought Tolerant Trees and Shrubs:

From concrete coffins to southwestern slopes, which plants are best for hot, dry, and droughty sites? This talk will focus on general plant choices for dry sites, as well as specific plants for unique applications.  Erik Desotelle, Wholesale Sales, Johnson’s Nursery

Download PDF Handouts – Erik Desottelle’s 1) Presentation 2) Spreadsheet list

Wednesday, February 9
1:00 p.m.—Invasive Woody Plants and Their Landscape Alternatives;

Many woody plants have been found to be invasive in Wisconsin, including those on the NR-40 list. This session will review alternatives for invasive woody plants and highlight their ornamental characteristics, such as showy fall color, form, flower and fruit production, and value to pollinators and wildlife. Dr. Laura Jull, Associate professor, UW-Madison

Download PDF Handouts 1) DNR NR-40 Rule and Invasive Plants

2) Shortened list of invasive alternative shrubs

2:15 p.m.—Designing with Annuals:

Seasonal plants can provide significant color contributions from both flower and foliage. Through the intentional and planned use of annuals, you can create colorful vignettes that are impactful and complimentary to any planting bed, border or
container. We’ll examine a wide range of annuals for sun and shade and examine scenarios for their best use. Mark Dwyer, Owner/Operator, Landscape Prescriptions by MD

Download PDF Handout – Mark Dwyer

Wednesday, February 16
1:00 p.m.—Insect Defoliators of Landscape Trees and Shrubs:

A number of insects use chewing-type mouthparts to defoliate
landscape trees and shrubs.  In this talk, we’ll review common defoliating pests, the damage they cause, their biology, and discuss management approaches for landscape plants. PJ Liesch, Entomologist, UW-Madison Extension

Download PDF Handouts – PJ Liesch

2:15 p.m.—Ornamental Grasses in Landscape:

Learn about the many perennial ornamental grasses available to Wisconsin gardeners. Mark will share ideas on how to design with grasses and show examples of grasses in the landscape. We’ll also cover how to establish and maintain these titans of texture! Mark Konlock, Director of Horticulture, Green Bay Botanical Garden

Download PDF Handout – Mark Konlock

Wednesday, February 23 

1:00 p.m. – Choosing and Comparing Herbicides for Broadleaf Weed Control;

With more than 100 postemergence broadleaf herbicides in the turf and ornamental marketplace, it can be difficult to choose the best. This workshop will review the different broadleaf herbicides and compare their efficacy on common and difficult to control weeds, so you control weeds right the first time by purchasing the best herbicides for your application. Dr. Aaron J. Patton, Professor of Horticulture Purdue University

Download PDF Handouts:  Dr. Aaron Patton

Resource link: Turfgrass Weed Control for Professionals 2021 Edition

2:15 p.m.—Growing Resilient Turf;

Different grasses respond differently to mowing and fertilization, with some doing well in low maintenance conditions and others thriving with more inputs. In this session we will highlight the best performing species and cultivars of grasses for Wisconsin’s lawns and landscapes under contrasting conditions. Dr. Doug Soldat, Professor, UW-Madison

Download PDF Handouts: Dr. Doug Soldat’s Resilient Turf Slides

Soldat article KBG evaluations

Short Course via zoom 
To provide the quality education that you expect, while being mindful of the safety of our participants, we are providing the Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course online via Zoom. The class will only be available during the live presentation on the specified date and time. It will NOT be available to view later. An email will be sent the day before the class to registered participants with their personal link to access that specific Zoom session. This requires a unique email address for EACH registrant.

Registration (opens on December 16, 2021) 
The registration fee for all four sessions is $50. Single sessions are $25 per session. Choose anyone of the following County Extension site link to register for this program:

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