Black Knot

Black knot is a disfiguring and potentially lethal disease of trees and shrubs in the genus Prunus, such as plums and cherries. This factsheet describes symptoms and management.

The Basics of Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation has numerous advantages in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, fields, lawns, and gardens. Learn about components of micro irrigation systems and benefits and drawbacks these systems provide.

White-lined Sphinx Moth, Hyles lineata

The white-lined sphinx is a common moth that occurs throughout most of North America. To learn more about this charismatic moth – and its immature stage that just might be living in your garden – read this article…

Mighty Mites

Did you know that there are mites that eat other mites? Barely visible to the naked eye, these little predators help keep spider mites and other pests in check. Read on to learn more about this fascinating world of tiny predatory mites…

Swiss-Cheese Plant, Monstera deliciosa

It’s a tropical plant native to rainforests of Central America that is often grown as a foliage houseplant. With big holes in its leaves, it’s aptly called Swiss cheese plant, but is more commonly known as split-leaf philodendron. Did you know it also has edible fruits? Learn more about Monstera deliciosa in this article…

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