Interested in getting higher yields of fruit, want a fruit tree but don’t have much space, or just want an interesting plant as a focal point? Read this article to learn more about the classic technique of espalier…

Black Stem Borer

Black stem borer (BSB), is an invasive beetle from Asia. This factsheet describes the appearance, life cycle, scouting suggestions and control methods of this important pest.

Kiwifruit, Actinidia spp.

What’s brown and fuzzy all over and green inside? Well, the kiwifruit, of course. To learn more about kiwifruit, read this article…

African Fig Fly – Pest Alert

African fig fly is an invasive vinegar fly related to spotted wing drosophila. It’s being carefully monitored in Wisconsin due to unknown potential impact. Learn more here.

San José Scale

This factsheet describes the symptoms, life cycle, monitoring methods and control of San José scale (Diaspidiotus perniciosus), which is a concern in poorly managed orchards.

Serviceberry, Amelanchier spp.

If you’re looking for a small tree with attractive white blossoms in spring and small fruits that can be food for animals or humans, consider one of several species of serviceberry. To learn more, read this article…


Sawflies are a group insects related to wasps. The plant-feeding larvae often look like caterpillars or slugs, and large numbers cause noticeable defoliation on their hosts. Learn more about sawflies in this article…

Eastern Filbert Blight

Eastern filbert blight is a potentially serious fungal disease found throughout the United States, affecting Corylus species, commonly known as hazelnuts or filberts. Symptoms and management are described in this factsheet.

Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive planthopper native to Asia. Though not yet found in Wisconsin, SLF has potential for severe damage on a large plant host range. Learn what to watch for with this new pest.

Watercore of Apple

Watercore of apple is a physiologic disorder caused by adverse environmental conditions. Find out more about this apple disorder in this factsheet.

Apple Disorder: Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck

Sooty blotch and flyspeck are separate diseases that often occur together on apple and pear fruit during late summer. This factsheet will hlep you better understand, identify, and control these diseases.

Rootstocks for Fruit Trees in Wisconsin

Fruit trees are propagated by budding or grafting onto special rootstocks. Some nurseries offer trees with a choice of rootstocks. Learn more about how rootstocks affect your backyard trees here.

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