Root and Crown Rots

This factsheet covers root/crown rot, which is a general term that describes disease of woody ornamentals where the causal organism attacks a plant’s root system and/or lower trunk or branches near the soil.

The Basics of Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation has numerous advantages in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, fields, lawns, and gardens. Learn about components of micro irrigation systems and benefits and drawbacks these systems provide.

Mighty Mites

Did you know that there are mites that eat other mites? Barely visible to the naked eye, these little predators help keep spider mites and other pests in check. Read on to learn more about this fascinating world of tiny predatory mites…


Hanging high in trees in warmer climates, mistletoe is a plant that has a long history of myth and tradition dating back to ancient times. To find out more about this interesting group of parasitic plants, read this article…

Concolor Fir, Abies concolor

Native to the western US, concolor fir is a great  evergreen tree for the Midwestern landscape. To learn more about concolor fir, read this article…

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