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Tips for Getting Landscape Plants Ready for Winter

By: Lisa Johnson, Horticulture Outreach Specialist

In this video, learn how to protect susceptible plants from snow and cold damage. This video includes how to protect woody plants and provides recommendations for proper mulching and watering that will help your plants through the fall and survive the winter.

To help your landscape plants survive the winter, there are some steps you can take.

Water plants through fall, especially evergreens, to prevent winter burn and to ensure that they are well-hydrated going into winter. 

Wrap marginally hardy evergreens in burlap to protect them from winds. Burlap wraps may protect the shrubs from rodents.

Mulch around the base of evergreens and other plants to help protect them from winter damage and to help retain moisture in the soil.

Remove any dead or damaged foliage from perennials before winter.

Finally, don’t forget to properly store tools and equipment for the winter!

Tips for Getting Landscape Plants Ready for Winter (Link to YouTube)

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