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Strategies for Identifying and Managing Insect Pests

By: PJ Liesch, Extension Entomology Specialist

Even though insects can cause damage to our plants, not all of them are harmful. In this video, you will learn how to look for signs of insects, why identification is required, and different control options and methods.

The first step in the management process of insects in yards and gardens is to identify the insect, as this allows us to understand the implications of the insect’s presence and to look up information about its characteristics and behavior. It is also important to understand the timing and aspects of the insect’s life cycle and biology, as this can help us to identify the most effective point for managing the pest. Some insects are migratory and knowing this can help us to predict whether they will be around in future seasons. Identifying the insect can help us to understand how big it will get and how long it will be causing damage. There are many resources available for identifying insects, including online resources and books, that you can use to learn more about the insects in your yards and gardens.

Strategies for Identifying and Managing Insect Pests (Link to YouTube)

Additional information can be found at the following resources:

UW-Madison Department of Entomology Insect Diagnostic Lab

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