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Protecting Young Trees from Animal and Other Damage Over Winter

By: Diana Alfuth, Horticulture Outreach Specialist

In winter, young trees are prone to a variety of hazards. In this video, learn how you can mitigate that damage by protecting young trees from potential wildlife damage and how to effectively protect trunks from winter sunscald damage.

Tree wounds can cause damage to the vascular system of trees. The vascular system includes the bark, the phloem which transports nutrients and plant hormones from the top of the tree to the roots, the cambium which is responsible for growth, and the xylem which transports water and nutrients from the roots to the top of the tree. Damage to the tree’s vascular system is permanent and can affect the lifespan of the tree. Wounds can come from sunscald, improper pruning, storm damage, and animals. Damage can be minimized from proper pruning techniques and protecting trees from sunscald and animal damage by using barriers or wraps on the tree. 

Protecting Young Trees from Animal and Other Damage Over Winter (Link to YouTube)

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