Extending the Garden Season

Cold frames and hot beds, hoop houses, cloches, and floating row covers allow gardeners to grow plants earlier in spring and later in fall. Get ideas that will work for you in this factsheet.


Dodders are parasitic plants that can affect a variety of plants, including vegetables, herbaceous and woody plants, and even weeds. Learn what dodders look like and what to do if you find them in this factsheet.

Rain Barrels

Mike Maddox, State Master Gardener Program Manager & Darren Lochner, Formerly of the UW-Extension Lower Chippewa River Basin Revised:  2/5/2008 Item number:  XHT1157 What is a rain barrel?  A rain barrel can be any large container designed to collect rain water.  Typically, rain barrels are placed at the bottom of downspouts in order to collect […]

Cicada Killer Wasps

Cicada killer wasps are common in the southern part of Wisconsin. These non-aggressive wasps feed on cicadas. Learn more in this factsheet.

Four-Lined Plant Bug

Four-linied plant bug attacks a wide variety of herbaceous and woody plants. Learn to identify and manage this pest in this factsheet.

Leafminers (vegetables)

Karen Delahaut, UW-Madison, Fresh Market Vegetable Program Revised:  1/5/2005 Item number:  XHT1044 Leafminers are insects that feed on the tissue between the upper and lower epidermal layers of leaves.  Leafminers can be serious problem on vegetables that are harvested for their foliage (e.g., spinach or chard).  Leafminers can be the larval stages of flies, moths, […]

Cucumber Beetles

Striped and spotted cucumber beetles are common pests of vine crops that can cause damage to roots, leaves, flowers and fruits, leading to reduced yield. Learn more in this factsheet.

Tobacco Rattle

Tobacco rattle is a common and potentially serious viral disease that affects a variety of herbaceous ornamentals as well as vegetables. Learn about symptoms and management in this factsheet.

Corky Ringspot

Corky ringspot (aka spraing) is a viral disease of potato that can cause severe loss due to a reduction in tuber quality. It can also affect other vegetables, herbaceous ornamentals, and weeds. Learn more in this factsheet.

Cabbage Looper

Karen Delahaut, UW-Madison Fresh Market Vegetable Program Revised:  8/19/2010 Item number:  XHT1029 The cabbage looper (Trichoplusia ni) is a lepidopteran insect and an important pest of cole crops in Wisconsin.  All cole crops, including cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and rutabaga, are susceptible to attack by this insect.  In addition, cabbage loopers will also attack […]

Bean Leaf Beetle

Karen Delahaut, UW-Madison Fresh Market Vegetable Program Revised:  4/26/2004 Item number:  XHT1131 Bean leaf beetles (Cerotoma trifurcate) are becoming more of a problem in Wisconsin than they have been in the past. Warmer winters may allow overwintering adults to survive in record numbers. Host plants include snap and lima beans, peas, and soybeans, as well […]

Blossom End Rot

Blossom end rot is a physiological disorder of tomato where the blossom end of the fruit breaks down and rots. It can also affect peppers, eggplants and squash. Learn about control in this factsheet.

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