Grow Your Own Salad Greens

Nothing tastes quite like a salad fresh from your own garden. Lettuce, and many other salad greens, are very easy to grow, and there are many more types available to grow yourself than you can typically find at the grocery store. Learn more about the variety of salad greens that are easily grown in a home garden or container in this article…

Extending the Garden Season

Cold frames and hot beds, hoop houses, cloches, and floating row covers allow gardeners to grow plants earlier in spring and later in fall. Although these structures are used primarily for growing vegetables, they may be used for growing ornamentals, including flowering plants, as well.

The Vegetable Garden

H.C. Harrison Revised:  8/6/2012 Item number:  A1989 Gardening is a universal hobby. A vegetable garden can provide nourishing food, healthful exercise and profitable leisure for people of all ages. Vegetable plants, like other living, growing things, have certain requirements. They need a good fertile soil, water, sunlight, and protection from their enemies. The successful gardener […]

Harvesting Vegetables from the Home Garden

To ensure high quality, nutritious vegetables from your garden and to prevent waste, proper harvesting at the right stage of growth is essential. This 4-page publication briefly lists the characteristics to look for to know when it’s time to harvest.

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