Aster Yellows

Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Revised:  5/6/2010 Item number:  XHT1080 What is aster yellows? Aster yellows is a chronic, systemic disease that affects over 300 species in 38 families of broad-leaf, herbaceous plants. Members of the aster family (Asteraceae), such as asters, marigolds, Coreopsis and purple coneflower are commonly affected by this disease. Vegetable crops […]

Damping Off

Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Revised:  4/25/2004 Item number:  XHT1124 What is damping-off?  Damping-off is a common and fatal disease that affects all types of plant seedlings.  The disease is most prevalent when seeds are germinated in cool, wet soils.  Fortunately, seedlings are susceptible to damping-off for only a short period following emergence and eventually […]

Cucumber Beetles

In late summer and fall, cucumber beetles – and similar corn rootworms – are common visitors to squash and cucumber flowers. They are not pollinators, but actually eat the petals, and sometimes the plant foliage. The cucumber beetles are important pests because they also can tramsit diseases. To learn more about all of these beetles, read this article…

The Vegetable Garden

H.C. Harrison Revised:  8/6/2012 Item number:  A1989 Gardening is a universal hobby. A vegetable garden can provide nourishing food, healthful exercise and profitable leisure for people of all ages. Vegetable plants, like other living, growing things, have certain requirements. They need a good fertile soil, water, sunlight, and protection from their enemies. The successful gardener […]

Growing Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, and Other Cole Crops in Wisconsin

K.A. Delahaut, A.C. Newenhouse Revised:  10/10/2011 Item number:  A3684 This detailed publication is packed with practical information for organic and conventional growers, and it’s tailored to Wisconsin’s growing conditions. Cole crops covered: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale, and kohlrabi. Insect pests detailed include: imported cabbage worm, cabbage looper, diamondback moth, flea beetle, cabbage […]

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