Potato Disorders: Common Scab and Powdery Scab

Karen Delahaut and Walt Stevenson Revised:  8/6/2012 Item number:  A3833 Two distinctly separate diseases commonly known as scab can infect potatoes, significantly reducing tuber appearance and quality. This fact sheet helps distinguish between the two diseases and outlines management strategies for each. Download Article

Handbook of Pea Diseases

D.J. Hagedorn Revised:  8/6/2012 Item number:  A1167 This guide provides essential scientific information and meaningful visual guidance regarding the most common diseases of pea, Pisum sativum L., especially those of canning and freezing peas.   Download Article

Corn Disorders: Smut and Rust

Karen Delahaut, Walt Stevenson Revised:  8/6/2012 Item number:  A3800 Common smut is caused by the fungus Ustilago maydis and is the most widespread disease of sweet corn, occurring everywhere that corn is grown. Learn about the signs and symptoms of this disorder, as well as ways that it can be controlled, by reading this fact […]

Cole Crops Disorder: Clubroot

Karen Delahaut, Walt Stevenson Revised:  8/6/2012 Item number:  A1128 Clubroot is an old and serious disease of cole crops, including Brussel sprouts, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and turnips. Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, rutabagas, and radishes are susceptible as well. Use this fact sheet to find out about this persistent disease and how to effectively control it […]

Cole Crops Disorder: Blackleg

Karen Delahaut, Walt Stevenson Revised:  8/6/2012 Item number:  A3802 Once a very destructive disease, blackleg of cole crops has become less important with the introduction of effective control measures. The fungus affects most cole crops, especially cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, radish, rutabaga, and white mustard. Black mustard, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, turnip, and wild radish are […]

Growing Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants in Wisconsin

K.A. Delahaut, A.C. Newenhouse Revised:  10/10/2011 Item number:  A3687 This publication is packed with practical information for organic and conventional growers, and it’s tailored to Wisconsin’s growing conditions (24 pages).     Download Article

Growing Salad Greens in Wisconsin

K.A. Delahaut, A.C. Newenhouse Revised:  10/10/2011 Item number:  A3788 Salad greens provide market gardeners a high-value crop that brings a premium price if grown and marketed successfully. Salad mixes have become particularly popular among customers seeking convenience. Salad mix is a collection of leafy greens pre-mixed and sold together. This idea originated in France centuries […]

Growing Onions, Garlic, Leeks, and Other Alliums in Wisconsin

K.A. Delahaut, A.C. Newenhouse Revised:  10/10/2011 Item number:  A3785 This detailed publication offers plenty of tips on how to grow various alliums such as sweet onions, leeks, storage onions, scallions, and garlic. Includes information on site and cultivar selection, planting, soil and irrigation management, dealing with insects, diseases, and weeds, and tips for harvesting, handling, […]

Ralstonia Wilt

Pest Alert Authors: Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Last Revised: 05/01/2020 X-number: XHT1011 What is Ralstonia wilt?  Ralstonia wilt (also sometimes known as Southern wilt) is a usually lethal disease that affects over 250 plants in over 40 plant families.  Susceptible greenhouse-grown ornamentals include, but are not limited to, plants in the genera Capsicum, Cosmos, Cyclamen, Dahlia, Fuschsia, Gerbera, Hydrangea, Impatiens, Lantana, Nasturtium and Pelargonium.  Vegetables such as eggplant, pepper, potato […]

Powdery Mildew (Vegetables)

Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Revised:  2/18/2010 Item number:  XHT1005b What is powdery mildew? Powdery mildew is a disease that occurs on the above-ground parts (especially the leaves) of many agricultural crops (including vegetables), as well as deciduous trees and shrubs, herbaceous ornamental plants, and indoor houseplants.  Conifers are not affected by this disease. What […]

Potato Scab

Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Revised:  4/24/2005 Item number:  XHT1117 What is potato scab?  Potato scab is a common and disfiguring disease of potato tubers that affects potatoes wherever they are grown.  Thin-skinned potato varieties tend to be more severely affected.  This disease can also affect other root vegetables such as beets, carrots, parsnip, radish, […]

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