Verticillium Wilt of Vegetables

This factsheet covers Verticillium wilt, a typically fatal disease that affects a wide range of vegetable crops and other plants. Symptoms include sudden yellowing of foliage.

Bacterial Wilt of Cucurbits

Bacterial wilt is a common and destructive disease that affects cucurbits, including crops such as melon, cucumber and, to a lesser extent, squash and pumpkin. Learn more in this factsheet.

Tomato Spotted Wilt of Potato

Tomato spotted wilt is a viral disease of worldwide distribution that can affect a wide range of vegetables, fruits, field crops, and ornamentals, and even weeds! Learn more here.

Home Vegetable Garden Fungicides

While cultural methods are the preferred options for disease management in vegetable gardens, fungicide treatments are also an option. This guide identifies some of the common, and most suitable, fungicides.

Hot-Water Seed Treatment for Disease Management

Growing vegetables from seed is common for many home gardeners, but seed can sometimes be contaminated with disease-causing organisms. Learn about hot water seed treatment to reduce pathogens in this guide.

Bacterial Spot of Tomato

Bacterial spot of tomato can lead to unmarketable fruit and even plant death. It’s found most frequently in warm, wet climates, as well as in greenhouses. Symptoms and management are covered in this factsheet.

Bacterial Speck of Tomato

Bacterial speck can reduce yield when it severely affects leaves early in the growing season, and when symptoms occur on tomato fruit. Learn about this disease and ways to prevent it in this factsheet.

Cucumber Mosaic

Cucumber mosaic is a viral disease that affects a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbaceous and woody ornamentals, and weeds. This factsheet covers identification and ways to prevent this incurable disease.

Basil Downy Mildew

Basil downy mildew is a devastating disease that affects the leaves, branches, and stems of many types of basil commonly used for cooking. This factsheet describes symptoms and how to avoid problems with this disease.

Root-Knot Nematode

Root-knot nematodes are small, soilborne, worm-like organisms that infect many agricultural and horticultural plants. This publication describes the symptoms, and management of root-knot nematodes in Wisconsin.

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