Foliar Nematodes

Foliar nematodes are microscopic worm-like organisms that live in and on leaves (and other above-ground plants parts). Learn what to look for and how to manage foliar nematodes in this factsheet.

May/June Beetles

May/June beetles or “Junebugs” are native insects common throughout Wisconsin often be seen near lights on early summer evenings. Learn about these large beetles and their larva in the soil in this factsheet.

Bacterial Soft Rot

Bacterial soft rots are diseases that damage succulent plant parts including fruits, tubers, stems and bulbs. Learn how to identify and avoid problems with bacterial soft rot in this factsheet.

Common Corn Smut

Common corn smut is a fungal disease that affects field, pop and sweet corn, and forms swellings (galls) on ears, kernels, tassels, husks, leaves, stalks, buds and even aerial roots of the plant. Learn more here.


This mushroom-like mass found on the ears of corn and corn relatives can be a problem for corn growers (i.e., “corn smut”), but is also often a culinary delicacy! Learn more in this factsheet.

Black Rot of Crucifers

Black rot is a serious bacterial disease of cruciferous plants including broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, rutabaga and turnip. Learn about identification and management here.

Home Garden Fungicides

While cultural methods are the preferred options for disease management in home vegetable gardens, fungicides may occassionally be warranted. Learn about options here.

Vine Crops Disorder: Scab

Scab, aka gummosis, is an important disease affecting vine crops. Read this helpful factsheet to better spot, prevent, and control scab in your garden.

Vine Crops Disorder: Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a foliar disease that occurs in the later part of summer on many vine crops. Find out how to identify, prevent, and control powdery mildew in your garden in this helpful factsheet.

Vine Crops Disorder: Anthracnose

Anthracnose is a destructive fungal disease of the foliage, stems and fruit of cucumbers, gourds, and melons. Find out how to identify, prevent and control this disease in your garden.

Vine Crops Disorder: Angular Leaf Spot

Angular leaf spoit is a bacterial disease that affects cucumbers, honeydew melon and zucchini grown in Wisconsin. This factsheet will help you identify, prevent and control this disease in your garden.

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