Angular Leaf Spot of Strawberry

Angular leaf spot is a severe bacterial disease that can adversely affect strawberries wherever they are grown. Learn how to identify and manage this disease in this factsheet.

Common Leaf Spot of Strawberry

Common leaf spot of strawberry is a common fungal leaf disease that affects both wild and cultivated strawberries. Learn about this foliar disease and its potential impact in your strawberry patch.

Cane Blight

This factsheet covers cane blight, a fungal disease that affects the health of raspberries and blackberries wherever they are grown, and can cause significant fruit yield losses if left unmanaged.

Raspberry Anthracnose

Anthracnose is a common disease that causes significant reductions of yield and fruit quality of raspberries. Learn more about managing this disease in this factsheet.

Raspberry Disorder: Fire Blight

While more common in apples and pears, fireblight also affects raspberries. Find out how to spot, prevent and control this disease in your raspberry patch in this publication.

Apple Maggot

If you have an apple tree in your backyard, you’ve probably found out that apple maggot likes your fruit as much as you do. Learn more about this pesky fly and what to do about it in this article…

Spotted Wing Drosophila

Spotted wing Drosophila is an invasive vinegar fly that can affect a wide variety of fruits, especially raspberries, in Wisconsin. Learn identification and management techniques in this factsheet.

Leaf Color Change in Autumn

The colors of autumn leaves are one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles. Learn about what goes on inside leaves that leads to a beautiful fall color show in this article.

Growing Grapes in Wisconsin

This award-winning manual offers detailed instructions on how to successfully grow grapes in Wisconsin, including cultivar selection, trellising, proper pruning and pest management.

Growing Raspberries in Wisconsin

A variety of raspberries–black, purple, and yellow as well as red–can thrive throughout Wisconsin. This publication describes how to select and raise them, and how to protect them from pests and diseases.

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