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Growing Strawberries in Containers

By: Darrin Kimbler, Agriculture Educator, Iron County

Strawberries are an ideal fruit to grow in containers. In this video, you will learn about varieties, containers, soils, water management and how to overwinter container grown strawberry plants.

Strawberry varieties are divided into three different groupings: June-bearing, ever-bearing and day-neutral. Day-neutral varieties are the easiest varieties for container gardening. They produce in the first season unlike June-bearers and are more productive than older ever-bearing varieties. They can be grown as productive annuals if one does not or cannot overwinter one’s containers. Long narrow containers produce more heavily than round containers. The minimum size of round containers should be no less than twelve inches in diameter. Rectangular containers should be a minimum of 24 inches. Use of good quality potting mix and periodic fertilization throughout the season is important for good yields. Regular watering is critical as plants in containers can dry out more quickly than plants growing in the ground. Most diseases for container-grown strawberries are foliar and can be managed by proper watering and airflow. Finally, as the season winds down you will need to decide if you are going to overwinter your strawberry containers or properly dispose of the plants and soil and start from scratch the following spring. 

Growing Strawberries in Containers (Link to YouTube)

Additional information on varieties and container growing can be found at the following resources:

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University of Minnesota                                                 

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