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Bringing the Garden Inside

By: Darrin Kimbler, Agriculture Educator, Iron County

To bring your outdoor plants inside for the winter, there are some things you should know and do first. In this video, you will learn about which plants can come indoors, the requirements for growing plants indoors after they have been outside all summer, and how to properly transition them to their new indoor home.

Preparing to bring your favorite outdoor plants inside starts with assessing the space in which plants will be brought inside and matching it with the needs of the plants, including the amount of light, temperature, and humidity. Grow lights are used to supplement natural light and it is important to match light intensity with the needs of the plants. Utilize proper watering and fertilizing of indoor plants and use a potting mix specifically made for indoor plants. Additionally, airflow and ventilation can help prevent pests and diseases.

Bringing the Garden Inside (Link to YouTube)

Additional information can be found at the following resources:

University of Florida – Light for Houseplants

University of Missouri Extension – Lighting Indoor Houseplants

Michigan State University Extension – Bring plants indoors now, but leave the pests behind

University of Illinois Extension – Bring houseplants indoors before the first frost

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