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Maintaining Your Festive Houseplants

By: Janell Wehr, Horticulture Outreach Specialist

Festive houseplants are common gifts in winter. In this video, learn how to keep a poinsettia, Christmas cactus, Norfolk Island Pine and other favorite gift plants thriving. 

Common gift plants are usually native to tropical locations around the world, in particular Norfolk Island Pines, holiday cactus, and poinsettias. Using Google Maps, we can learn about these plants in their native locations. It is important to provide high humidity and bright, indirect light for Norfolk Island Pines, and you can mist the plants or use a humidifier to increase humidity. For holiday cactuses, do not over water, use a well-draining potting mix, and provide bright, indirect light. For poinsettias, provide bright, indirect light, avoid drafts, and water the plant when the top inch of soil is dry. By mimicking the native locations of these plants, you can keep them growing healthy all year long. 

Maintaining Your Festive Houseplants (Link to YouTube)

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Handout: Maintaining your festive houseplants

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