Home Turf Insecticides

The need for insecticides on home lawns in Wisconsin is rare. Learn what is available to homeowners to control specific pests that may occur in this factsheet.

Typhula Blight

Typhula blight, also known as gray or speckled snow mold, is a fungal disease affecting all cool season turf grasses grown in areas with prolonged snow cover. This factsheet describes how to manage this common fungus.

European Chafer

An insect pest of turfgrass, European chafer beetle grubs voraciously feed on turfgrass roots and cause thinning, wilting, and irregular dead patches. This fact sheet details the life cycle and recommendations for control.

Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are circular areas of abnormal turf growth most commonly found on lawns and golf courses where soils have high levels of organic matter. Learn what to do if fairy rings appear in your lawn in this concise factsheet.

May/June Beetles

May/June beetles or “Junebugs” are native insects common throughout Wisconsin often be seen near lights on early summer evenings. Learn about these large beetles and their larva in the soil in this factsheet.

Maintaining Lawn and Garden Tools

When it comes to digging in the garden or pruning trees and shrubs, having high quality tools that are cleaned, lubricated, sharpened and otherwise properly maintained, makes any outdoor job simpler and more efficient. Learn how to maintain your garden tools in this useful factsheet.

Mole Ecology and Damage Management

Author(s): Scott Craven, David Drake In this, the third publication in the “Living With Wildlife in Wisconsin” series, the authors describe the curious habits and underground way of life of Wisconsin’s two kinds of moles. They discuss how to limit the damage these velvety animals may cause, either by cutting off their food supply (which […]

Field Ants

Field ants are common in Wisconsin, and noted for producing large mounds that ruin home lawns and interfere with landscape plantings. This factsheet discusses identification and control.

Microdochium Patch

This factsheet covers microdochium patch, aka pink snow mold, which is a fungal disease affecting cool season grasses, including bluegrass, bentgrass, perennial ryegrass and fine and tall fescues.

Identifying grasses in Wisconsin

R.C. Newman Revised:  5/11/2010 Item number:  A1827 This 12-page publication will help you identify the 30 most common grass species in Wisconsin turf.

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