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Organic and Reduced-Risk Lawn Care

Doug Soldat, John Stier, Jim Kerns, Chris Williamson
More and more people wish to move in the direction of creating an organic lawn, or what some people call a natural lawn. This publication helps them decide which route to follow: organic lawn care or reduced-risk lawn care. An organic lawn care program uses only natural products and no synthetic chemicals. A reduced-risk lawn care program is not quite so strict in its adherence to purely natural products, for it relies also on pesticides when necessary, though only on pesticides that meet the criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency’s reduced risk or minimum risk programs.

The authors discuss soil preparation, mowing, watering, fertilizing, and control of weeds, diseases, and insects. They also discuss realistic expectations as to how good an organic lawn can be, and how much effort, time, and money will be required to create it (8 pages; 2011).

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