Black Walnut Toxicity

Black walnut trees produce a toxic substance (called juglone) that prevents many plants from growing under or near them. Learn more about this compound and how to work around it in this factsheet.

Aster Yellows

Aster Yellows is a chronic, systemic disease that affects flowers in the aster family as well as some vegetables. Symptoms vary, and include unusual growth and colors. Learn more in this factsheet.

Damping Off

Damping off is a common and fatal disease of all types of plant seedlings, infecting them near the soil line causing them to collapse quickly. Learn how to avoid damping off here.

Hairy Toad Lily, Tricyrtis hirta

What’s blooming in your late season garden? There aren’t as many choices of shade-loving perennials that flower in the fall as those that bloom in spring or summer, but one to consider is Tricyrtis hirta. Learn more about this Japanese species of toad lily with exotic-looking, orchid-like flowers by reading this article….

False Solomon’s Seal, Maianthemum racemosum

Solomon’s seals are great native woodland plants to add to any shade garden. False Solomon’s seal looks very similar to the “true” Solomon’s seal, but the two are easily distinguished by the shape and location of the flowers and berries. Learn more about Maianthemum racemosum (false Solomon’s seal)  in this article…

Euphorbia Diamond Frost®

Need an airy plant that blooms for a long time but is very low maintenance? Euphorbia Diamond Frost® is a great little plant that requires little care yet continues to flower all season and combines well with almost any other garden plant. Learn more about this tough but dainty looking tender perennial in this article…

Elephant Ears (Colocasia, Alocasia, and Xanthosoma)

If you want a tropical look in your garden, just add elephant ears! Lots of new ornamental cultivars of these tender perennials – that are frequently grown as annuals here in the Midwest – have been developed in recent years. To learn more about this group of plants with large, heart-shaped leaves, read this article…

Scarlet Runner Bean, Phaseolus coccineus

If you’re looking for a multipurpose plant to cover a trellis or fence, provide some food, and have showy flowers, look no further than scarlet runner bean. Learn more about scarlet runner bean in this article…

Cardoon, Cynara cardunculus

Looking for dramatic foliage to make a bold statement in the garden? Consider cardoon, a relative of the artichoke that has large, spiny, blue-green leaves that provides huge contrast with most other garden plants. The purple thistle flowers are just a bonus if you can get it to bloom. Learn more about Cynara cardunculus in this article…

Feather Reed Grass, Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’

Ornamental grasses can add texture and movement in a garden. ‘Karl Foerster’is a great cultivar of feather reed grass that provides vertical interest with its tall, narrow flower heads. It adapts readily to many types of soils, is drought tolerant once established, and is hardy in zones 3-9. Learn more about this low-maintenance plant in this article…

The Basics of Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation has numerous advantages in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, fields, lawns, and gardens. Learn about components of micro irrigation systems and benefits and drawbacks these systems provide.

Pineapple sage, Salvia elegans

Pineapple sage has been used as both an herb and an ornamental, with the name coming from the scent of the leaves when crushed. To learn more about Salvia elegans read this article…

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