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Honeylocust Disorder: Canker Diseases in Wisconsin

G.L. Worf, M.F. Heimann
Revised:  8/13/2012
Item number:  A3281

The honeylocust has become an increasingly important street and landscape tree in Wisconsin. Finer textured and less formal than most other trees, the honeylocust forms a pleasing silhouette against large buildings or the open sky. In addition, lawns grow better under honeylocust than under most shade trees, and honeylocusts also transplant easily, grow rapidly, and adapt to a wide range of urban environmental conditions.

A complex of foliage insects attack honeylocusts; sometimes you must control the insects for healthy trees. This fact sheet presents the signs and symptoms of canker diseases of honeylocusts and how to best treat them (4 pages).

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