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Got plant problems? Learn plant diagnostics online.

Plant Diagnostics: The Step-by-Step Approach to Identifying Plant Problems is a new online course offered by the UW-Madison Division of Extension Horticulture Program. Learn the process for identifying plant problems in your own trees, landscape and garden so you’re prepared for the next growing season. This course explains the basics of the plant diagnostic process in an easy-to-understand way.

This asynchronous online course is moderated from February 1 – April 30, 2023 but you get course access through December 2023! 

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Insect hole in apple
Got plant problems? Learn plant diagnostics online

Plant Diagnostics: The Step-by-Step Approach to Identifying Plant Problems is a new online course offered by the UW-Madison Division of Extension Horticulture Program. The course is designed for people who are looking for troubleshooting skills for the problems that arise.

Avoiding Winter Salt Injury on your Landscape Plants 

Winter is here!  Snow and ice on driveways and sidewalks need to be removed with each snow or ice storm that arrives. Are you looking for salt alternatives for your driveway or sidewalk?  Do you want to learn more about salt tolerant landscape plants?

Preparing the vegetable garden for winter

Fall is here, so it’s a good time to think about preparing the vegetable garden for winter. There are things you can do now to protect or extend harvest of existing crops and prepare your soil for next year. Here are some tips

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Timely Articles for Winter Gardens

image of a variety of vegetable plants in a coldframe
Growing Vegetables at Home: Questions and Answers

Here are answers to the questions gardeners ask most often about growing vegetables. From asparagus to watercress, this guide covers over 50 vegetables plus other basic gardening topics.

image of insects stuck to yellow trap
Fungus Gnats on Houseplants

Fungus gnats (Family Sciaridae) are insects commonly associated with overwatered houseplants. They can become a nuisance when they are present in large numbers and fly around inside a home. In most situations, fungus gnats are a cosmetic problem. However, on occasion, fungus gnat larvae can cause plant damage.

Common Spiders In and Around the Home

W.L. Gojmerac Revised:  1/24/2012 Item number:  A2135 Approximately 1000 species of spiders are found in this country, living almost anywhere.  Learn about the dangers and problems and control of some spiders.   Download Article

Using Crop Rotation in Home Vegetable Garden

Crop rotation involves changing the planting location of vegetables each season to reduce damage from insect pests, limit diseases, and manage soil fertility. Learn the basics in this factsheet.

image of youth planting seeds
Seed Starting

Starting your garden from seeds might be easier than you think. Check out this article to get practical tips on starting your plants from seeds.

Pruning Deciduous Shrubs

Pruning controls the size of shrubs, directs growth, influences flowering, and restores plant health and appearance. Learn pruning techniques in this factsheet.

Houseplant Care

Amy Gibbs* and Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Revised:  5/11/2010 Item number:  XHT1033 Where do I put my houseplant in my home?  Two of the most important factors in placing a houseplant in your home are light and temperature.  Know both the light requirements of your plant and the sources of light in your home […]

Maintaining Lawn and Garden Tools

When it comes to digging in the garden or pruning trees and shrubs, having high quality tools that are cleaned, lubricated, sharpened and otherwise properly maintained, makes any outdoor job simpler and more efficient. Learn how to maintain your garden tools in this useful factsheet.

Winter Salt Injury and Salt-tolerant Landscape Plants

Learn to recognize and prevent plant damage caused by deicing salts. Learn about alternatives to rock salt and which plants are salt-tolerant.

Pruning Deciduous Trees

Proper pruning controls tree size, directs growth, influences flowering, and maintains tree health and appearance. Learn how in this factsheet.

January 2021: Saying Bye-Bye to Boxwood Blight: Proper Disposable of Holiday Wreaths

Holiday decorations containing boxwood foliage can be a source of disease for boxwoods in our landscapes. Learn more in this article.

Planning and Designing Your Home Landscape

This publication explores landscape planning: putting the plan on paper; selecting, placing, and planting trees and shrubs; and maintaining the home grounds.

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