Damping Off

Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Revised:  4/25/2004 Item number:  XHT1124 What is damping-off?  Damping-off is a common and fatal disease that affects all types of plant seedlings.  The disease is most prevalent when seeds are germinated in cool, wet soils.  Fortunately, seedlings are susceptible to damping-off for only a short period following emergence and eventually […]

The Basics of Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation has numerous advantages over sprinkler irrigation and can be used in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, fields, lawns, and gardens. Learn about the components that comprise a micro irrigation system along with the benefits (reduced water usage, reduced potential for foliar diseases, reduced energy costs, etc.) and drawbacks these lower pressure systems provide.

Storing Tender “Bulbs” for Winter

This time of year frost is bound to nip non-hardy plants still outdoors. If you have any of the tender “bulbs” (plants which grow from fleshy storage structures even if they aren’t technically true bulbs) you’ll need to get those into storage for the winter soon. Find out more about preparing these plants to save for the next growing season in this article…


Don’t like the look of metal or plastic stakes, but you need to offer some support for a few floppy annuals or perennials? How about using prunings from your yard or elsewhere to do the job in an informal way? Learn more about this time-honored technique…

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