Northern Masked Chafer

Author(s) R. Chris Williamson A serious insect pest of turfgrass, the northern masked chafer is a beetle species that has been reported in two southern Wisconsin counties (Rock and Walworth). Northern masked chafer grubs voraciously feed on turfgrass roots and cause thinning, wilting, and irregular patches of turf that can easily be pulled back or […]

Conservation of Native and Domestic Pollinators in Managed Turfgrass Landscapes

Bees and other pollinators provide invaluable ecological and economic services, which is one reason the alarming decline in pollinating insects is of great concern. Through two simple practices, homeowners and professional landscape managers alike can maintain aesthetically pleasing turfgrass landscapes in environmentally responsible ways. Learn the current best practices for improving pollinator habitats and using insecticides correctly in this handy fact sheet.

Organic and Reduced-Risk Lawn Care

More and more people wish to move in the direction of creating an organic lawn, or what some people call a natural lawn. This publication helps them decide which route to follow: organic lawn care or reduced-risk lawn care.

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