Corn Earworm

Corn earworm can cause serious economic damage to commercial and home-grown sweet corn and hybrid dent seed corn, as well as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and beans. Learn more in this factsheet.

Cucumber Beetles

Spotted and striped cucumber beetles damage vine crops, including cucumbers, squash, melons and pumpkins. This factsheet details the lifecycle, damage, and controls of these beetles.

Potato Leafhopper

Potato leafhopper is a serious pest of snap beans and potatoes, causing stunted plants, brown leaves, and reduced plant vigor. Learn more in this factsheet about this insect’s lifecycle and how to best control it.

Squash Vine Borer

Squash vine borer is an annual pest of pumpkins and squash. This factsheet describes the insect’s lifecycle, damage it causes, and various effective means of control.

Vegetable Leafminers

Leafminers are the larval stage of flies, moths, sawflies and beetles that can cause damage to leafy vegetables such as spinach and chard. Learn more about controlling the damage in this factsheet.

Common Spiders In and Around the Home

W.L. Gojmerac Revised:  1/24/2012 Item number:  A2135 Approximately 1000 species of spiders are found in this country, living almost anywhere.  Learn about the dangers and problems and control of some spiders.   Download Article

Managing Thrips in Greenhouses

Western flower thrips are likely the most serious pest of greenhouse crops in the world. Learn about these pests, the damage they cause, and management options in this factsheet.

Managing Mites in Greenhouses

Several types of mites can cause serious damage to a variety of greenhouse crops. Learn why mites are a problem in greenhouses, and what to do about them, in this factsheet.

Larder Beetles

Phil Pellitteri, UW Insect Diagnostic Lab Revised:  4/27/2004 Item number:  XHT1051 Adult larder beetles (Dermestes lardarius) are 1∕3 inch long black beetles with a broad, pale tan, black spotted band across the front portion of the wing covers.  Larder beetle larvae are reddish brown and densely covered with short and long hairs, and have two […]

Home Vegetable Insecticides

While cultural methods are preferred to control insect damage in vegetable gardens, insecticides may be necessary at times. This factsheet lists products that control specific specific insect pests.

Indian Meal Moth

Phil Pellitteri, UW Insect Diagnostic Lab Revised:  4/27/2004 Item number:  XHT1047 Are little moths fluttering around the kitchen?  Are white worms crawling out of the bird seed?  A very common indoor pest at any time of the year is the Indian meal moth. Adult Indian meal moths are small insects with a wingspread of about […]

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