Soil Contaminants in Community Gardens

John Folstad, Sharon C. Long, Doug Soldat Revised:  2/17/2011 Item number:  A3905-03 As interest in community and home gardening continues to grow nationwide, an increasing number of gardens are being sited in dense urban areas or on or near former industrial, agricultural, or commercial land. Any of these areas may contain contaminated soil, so it […]

Container Gardening

Live in an apartment or condo? You can still raise a garden’s worth of flowers or vegetables in pots and other containers by mastering these methods.

Using Cover Crops and Green Manures in the Home Vegetable Garden

Doug Higgins and Kristin Krokowski, UW-Extension Waukesha County, and Erin Silva, UW-Agronomy Revised:  5/13/2012 Item number:  XHT1209 What are cover crops and green manures?  Cover crops are plants grown in a garden to improve a soil’s physical structure and fertility.  As cover crops grow, they become reservoirs for important plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus […]

Using Manure in the Home Garden

Gardeners are always encouraged to incorporate organic matter into their soil. Manures are one good source that can also be used as a fertilizer. But the way that manure is treated and the animal it came from makes a big difference in fertility and how it should be used. To learn more about using manure in the home garden, read this article…

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