Growing Salad Greens in Wisconsin

Salad greens provide market gardeners a high-value crop that brings a premium price if grown and marketed successfully. Learn more in this comprehensive publication.

Soil Contaminants in Community Gardens

Before siting and starting a community garden, learn about types and sources of potential contaminants, the basics of soil testing, and how to limit exposure to contaminants in this publication.

Container Gardening

Live in an apartment or condo? You can still raise a garden’s worth of flowers or vegetables in pots and other containers by mastering the methods described in this publication.

Using Manure in the Home Garden

Manures are a good source of organic matter that can also be used as a fertilizer. To learn more about using manure in the home garden, read this article…

Using Wood Ash in the Home Garden

Wood ash can provide certain soil nutrients, and can be used to raise soil pH. However, if used incorrectly or excessively, problems can occur. Learn more in this factsheet.

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