2022 Landscape Short Course Speaker Bio

Course Speakers

Erik Desotelle

Erik Desotelle

Erik is a wholesale sales representative at Johnson’s Nursery, Inc. and has worked there since 2016. He is also an adjunct for the Horticulture program at Gateway Technical College, teaching their deciduous and coniferous landscape plants courses.

Mark Dwyer

Mark Dwyer

Mark currently owns and operates Landscape Prescriptions by MD, a landscape design and consulting firm. Previously, Mark was the Director of Horticulture at Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, WI for 21 years. He has degrees in landscape architecture and urban forestry. Mark’s true passion is horticultural education as well as growing, observing and photographing all manner of plants!

Brian Hudelson

Brian Hudelson, Ph.D.

Brian is the Director of Diagnostic Services in the Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic at UW-Madison where he identifies plant diseases and provides clients with diagnoses and information on disease control.

Laura Jull

Laura Jull, Ph.D.

Laura an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for Woody Ornamentals. She has worked in the Department of Horticulture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for over 23 years.

PJ Liesch

PJ Liesch

PJ Liesch is an Extension entomologist and the expert on insect identification and biology at UW-Madison. Also known as the Wisconsin Bug Guy, PJ is the Director of the Insect Diagnostic Lab.

Aaron Patton

Aaron J. Patton

Dr. Aaron Patton is a Professor in the Horticulture & Landscape Architecture department at Purdue University. Aaron earned his bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University, and his master’s and doctorate from Purdue University. His extension responsibilities are to provide education to Indiana’s $1.8 billion turfgrass industry. His research responsibilities include planning, implementing, and leading projects devoted to managing quality lawn, sod, golf, and sports turf while reducing management inputs. Patton’s research interests focus on weed ecology and control, zoysiagrass and fine fescue, and agronomic practices in turfgrass systems. He is co-author of Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management, 5th edition. He teaches the senior level turfgrass science course at Purdue University and mentors undergraduate and graduate students. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation.

Doug Soldat

Doug Soldat, Ph.D.

Doug is a professor in the Department of Soil Science at UW-Madison focusing on turfgrass, urban soils, nutrient management, water resources, soil testing, and landscape irrigation.

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